The Tree Haus Metropolitan District (THMD) is incorporated as a local government under Colorado Revised Statutes and is governed by an elected Board of Directors.

The Metro District was first established as the Tree Haus Water and Sanitation District in 1972. It was later converted to Tree Haus Metropolitan District in 1983 when the district acquired ownership of all street and roadways in the district. At this time, the district changed its service plan to provide for the improvement and maintenance of said streets and roadways. The district also added the elimination and control of mosquitos to the service plan.

Mailing address: Tree Haus Metro District, P.O. Box 770159, Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80477 

Please obey the No Parking on roadways in Tree Haus this winter. The snowplows pass in the early morning hours to clear our roadways.  The snowplows drivers and emergency equipment drivers do not want to any obstacles (vehicles) left alongside the roadways. Your compliance is appreciated by all.  Thank you.