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Pursuant to section 32-1-809, Colorado Revised Statutes

Tree Haus Metropolitan District

PO Box 770159,  Steamboat Springs, CO  80477

Primary contact person for District:

            Sandra Rummler    970-879-4564   [email protected]

Time and place designated for regular board meetings:

            Last Wednesday of the month at 5:00 p.m., at Vectra Bank basement conference room

            2155 Resort Drive, Steamboat Springs, CO  80477

Notices of meeting are posted at the pump house, the entrance to Tree Haus and the T at William William and Mount Werner Road.


District mill levy:  31.287 mills, for levy in year 2017; 29.77 mills in 2018 and the mill levy for 2019 is 24.798.

Total ad valorem tax revenue received by district during 2016:  $ 218,900 unaudited                       

Date of next regular election:  May 7, 2019


Self-nomination forms to be a candidate for district board member should be returned to:

            Sandra Rummler

            PO Box 770159, Steamboat Springs, CO  80477.  970-879-4564


Completed self-nomination forms must be received by the district by March 1, 2019, no later than 5:00 p.m.

Mandatory Stage 2 Water Restrictions

Mandatory Stage 2 Water Restrictions

  • Potable water shall be used for beneficial purposes and should not be wasted.
  • No outdoor watering 10AM – 6PM.
  • Watering schedule based on the last number of customer street address. If multiple addresses are served by a single system, then landscapers should choose one or the other schedule.











No Watering





  • Vehicle washing at residences only with a bucket or spring-loaded hose nozzle. Residents are encouraged to use biodegradable detergent and to wash the vehicle on a permeable surface.
  • Avoid wasting potable water such as washing hard surfaces (eg. driveways, sidewalks, parking areas). Use a broom, powerbroom, powerblower, compressed air or vacuum. Residents and contractors may powerwash siding or wooden decks in preparation for painting or staining.
  • Any water feature that uses potable water must be a recycling system and must have an approved backflow prevention device on its make-up water supply. Running an outdoor water feature that sprays or splashes water into the air or has a surface area greater than 200 square feet is prohibited.
  • No use of domestic water for dust control.
  • Limit the filling of swimming pools to one filling per year, unless draining for repairs.
  • Permits may be secured for newly-sodded lawns and newly-planted trees for up to 14 consecutive days and for newly-seeded lawns for up to 25 consecutive days.

Tips for conserving water

  • Avoid watering in windy conditions.
  • Adjust sprinklers to avoid watering hard surfaces.
  • Set timers to avoid over-watering. Less water will induce grassroots to seek water deeper in the soil horizon which will strengthen your lawn.
  • Our clayey soils slow the penetration of water, so it is better to water for three short intervals than for one long interval.
  • When irrigating with a hose, use a spring-loaded nozzle, not a free-running hose.
  • Cut your lawn no shorter than 3 inches to reduce soil moisture loss and to promote deeper roots.
  • Avoid planting trees and shrubs or sodding new lawns during the drier, hotter months.
  • Plant native grasses and shrubs or drought-tolerant species in place of water-intensive species.

For more information on water saving tips and a list of drought-resistant plant species, please visit the City or District websites: or



Please keep both ends of your driveway culvert clear of overgrown grasses and sediment.  Keeping water off and away from our roadways lengthens the life of our 3/4 million dollar investment.  Is your culvert clear? 

Keeping water away from our roadways prolongs their life
and reduces
maintenance costs that every resident pays for.

Thank you in advance