In a good year, the Tree Haus Metro District deals with one or two water leak issues. 

Tree Haus homeowners and property owners can minimize their panic when confronted with a water leak when they know:
  1. Where to locate the water shut-off valve in their house.
  2. Where their curbstop (exterior) water shut-off is located.
  3. Have the phone number of their favorite plumber at hand.
  4. How to contact a Metro District Board member.

Additionally, all Tree Haus property owners need to be aware of language in the Tree Haus Rules & Regs under 1.8 Liability (b) The District assumes no responsibility for Service Lines extending from the District Mains to the residence or Building of a Customer.  Water leaks in any service line places the onus upon the respective property owner to promptly make the necessary repairs.

Lastly, Yampa Valley Water Treatment's Class II Water Operator, Mr. Bruce Thompson, who has over 25 years experience with the District's water system, can assist property owners with troubleshooting service-line leaks and undiscovered curbstops.  Mr. Thompson's contact information can be obtained by calling any Metro Board member.

Typical Tree Haus
curbstops - paired along adjoining lot lines
Typical Tree haus Curbstop - single installation near roadway